Water Damage Restoration shepparton

If there has been Water Damage in shepparton, in your home or business, it is crucial to have it dealt with immediately. Water damage from storms, floods, blocked sewers and drains, leaking roofs and overflow from bathtubs, toilets, dishwashers or washing machines can be very damaging to your carpets, its underlay, the subfloor as well as the walls in the room.

In order to prevent the floors and walls from damage & to ensure that your property is completely free from mildew & all kinds of mould, contact Wokkas Carpet Cleaners Shepparton without delay.

The Process

The first thing we conduct is loss evaluation and this is one of the key aspects that has to be attended to. This assessment has to be accurate as it has to be submitted to the insurance company. Our restoration team works very closely with the insurance company representatives to understand what the exact extent of the damage is.
The source of the flood will be correctly identified and all the documentation of the damage will be conducted in detail. Once that has been done, accurate estimates will be drawn. The categorization will be entirely based on what the contamination levels are
Once the evaluation has been completed, our Water Damage team will then start with drying & decontaminating at the site. The process that is followed at this stage will depend on the extent of the contamination. This is a key stage in water damage restoration in shepparton. Our expert team makes use of a range of equipment such as dehumidifiers, blowers, subfloor drying equipments and scrubbers. We will also carry out decontamination procedures in specific pockets or the entire area, based on the areas where the contamination has been found
All your undamaged possessions will be carefully relocated
We will first extract all water, dry & clean out the carpets and make sure that the entire floor restoration is completed in the shortest possible time
Saturated carpets cannot dry-out on their own and we will handle the entire restoration work in a very professional manner for you
All the non-restorable materials will be safely disposed and emergency debris removal & dumping will be carried out
We will also stabilize the mould growth with the use of anti-microbial sprays as well as other effective mould-prevention methods
Repair and clean up
Deodorization as well as disinfecting
Carpet and underlay Installation
Carpet Repair and Relay

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